24.11.2020  17.30-19:00 (GMT+4/Georgia)/ 14:30-16:00 (CET/Poland)

Meeting will be accessible online please email: contact@artwithoutborder.pl


About the experience of legendary group Akademia Ruchu will talk actor and cocreator of performances
Zbigniew Olkiewicz.
ZBIGNIEW OLKIEWICZ –actor, visual artist, actor and co-creator of most of performances and projects
carried out by the legendary artistic group Akademia Ruchu – one of the most interesting theater
phenomena independent theater in Poland. From 1974 he participated in numerous theater tours,
projects and festivals in Europe, Asia and both Americas. He actively participates in the preparation and
implementation of many international theater projects, artistic workshops and performance projects
around the world. It operates on the border of theater, visual arts, performance and interactive
Recent works: 2016 Master Manole-Romanian Legend, Performance RAZ, performance with members
of Akademia Ruchu, dedicated to Wojciech Krukowski. 2017- Participation in the international PEEP
POX project. Madrid, Performance Memoria on the 25th anniversary of La Nave de Cambaleo.
Workshops at the Escuela Internacional del Gesto. Madrid. Director. 2019 director of the show: A STEP
AWAY from THEM “realized in Poland and Spain. Co-creator of DOM / GRANICA performance
Akademia Ruchu was established in Warsaw in 1973. Its founder and artistic director was Wojciech
Krukowski. From the very beginning of its activity Akademia Ruchu has been known as the “theater of
behavior” and visual narration. Akademia Ruchu is a creative group operating on the border of various
disciplines – theater, visual arts, performance art and film. Common features in the creative process of
Akademia Ruchu are: movement, space and a social message. Related to this is the belief that artistic
radicalism and the social message do not have to be mutually exclusive. The works of Akademia Ruchu
in the open space of the city, which have been a regular, continuous activity since 1974 (over 600
performances, events and street actions), are the first example in Poland of such systematic activities of
a creative group – outside the official sphere of art cult – in “non-artistic” space; in the streets, in
residential houses and industrial zones. On the other hand, the elements of everyday life transferred in
the practice of Akademia Ruchu into the “holy” space of art (on stage, in the gallery) enriched her
anthropological vision, leaving nothing aesthetic. Akademia Ruchu has presented its works in almost all
European countries, as well as in the Americas and Japan

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